The Van Dolsens, Foy, Laurence, and Linda

At the beach in Manistee, Michigan

at the beach in Manistee, Michigan - July 2005

Our big project in the winter of 05/06 was building a new house. We replaced the house we moved into in September, 04.

Residence at Harper Lake Resort

We took lots of pictures of the process. Enjoy

Here's the plan (PowerPoint).

First, we took out everything we could salvage.
And then they cut off some interfering tree limbs and built the foundation.
Then they backfilled the crawlspace and put in the new septic system
Materials for the floor were delivered
They built our floor on Thursday and Friday, 1/2 December.
The walls have arrived.
Building the walls and the trusses
Adding the roof
And the shingles
With the addition of the windows, we are 'weathered in'
Drywall installation always look horrible, but taping it up makes all the bad stuff disappear
Ann has finished the sinks and we have made the hard choice.
 Lots of things are coming together.
The countertop is in.
The lights are installed.
Meanwhile we enjoy our surroundings
17 March 2006 - Ready to move in!!!
Party ON!
Moving in and building the deck
Finished the vanity
Got some landscaping in

The demolition and excavation was done by Tim Fisher - (231) 859-4170
The house was built by Arrow Homes - (231) 328-4318
The plumbing was done by Brian Swain - since relocated to Ohio
The carpet, vinyl flooring and tile were done by Nixon Carpet and Lumber (231) 775-1312
Ann Brink made the vessel sink for the bathroom vanity -
The deck was built by Kerry Kyser - (231) 510-2083

Foy graduated from the High School at Moorpark College in June 2004

Then, in August Linda and Laurence moved to our retirement home in Irons, Michigan. Foy stayed behind to attend Moorpark College.

Foy has decided to come live in Michigan for awhile. Laurence and he drove across country in January, 2006

We celebrated Linda's birthday at the Twin Creek Inn in Luther

Issues that interest us
   Gun Control
   Social Security

Some Random Thoughts

Here's a site featuring the school that Grandpa Foy and Libby ran in the 60s/70s

Sister Sabra sells sweet and salubrious agave nectar

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